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What About Cats
Tasty little morsels of all things feline, including some basic info on caring for cats, plus fun & games, screen savers and links to other online cat resources.

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters
Watching cats for a living has to be the world’s best job, and on this site you can find a pet sitter near you with a simple zip code search! Official website of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS).

The Winn Feline Foundation
These people are some seriously smart cats. It’s the official website of The Winn Feline Foundation, which gives you access to a big database of feline health studies and articles.

Petpages The Website For Pet Lovers!
This is one hard working pet care site. A pretty valuable resource complete with articles, forums, photos, games, news, e-cards and links to free pet services.

The Pet Professor
Swami Jonny has met his match. Here, you can get your pet questions answered, find a pet, locate pet professionals such as veterinarians and participate in cat owner forums. Plus cat care information, articles and more.

Helen Woodward Animal Center
Official website of the Helen Woodward Animal Center, the organization behind Home 4 The Holidays, which saved the lives of over 150,000 of my friends each year. Get information on their services, including adoptions, boarding, education, medical services and more. And I thought I worked hard.


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